Facing interview is an art

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How to make yourself to face interview   Knowledge acquired from books, newspapers and magazines is not enough to present in an interview. Interview is a verbal test to evaluate your qualities. It is a process which looks at how you react to various situations. The interviewer/interview board assesses candidate’s personality for psychological traits and sociological qualities before it comes to vital decision. An interview is formal meeting with a view to ascertaining one’s aptness for the job. It gives an opportunity to the interviewers to peep into his/her mind and understand his/her thought process. It’s a social process which involves interaction between the interviewers and the interviewee. In an interview a rapport is established between the interviewers and the interviewee. For purpose of recruitment of suitable candidates for various jobs – both in private and public sector organizations, an interview plays a very important role. The interviewers try to expose […]