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A visit to a zoo

Last Sunday, I made a visit to a zoo with my family. Actually, we made a plan to go to zoo a day before Sunday. Everyone agreed and eagerly   started waiting for the Sunday especially children. They made many plans for the visit. On Saturday everyone went to bed early but my son   couldn’t have a sound sleep1. He kept on2 tossing around3 the bed because of more enthusiasm4 for Sunday visit. On Sunday   the cab5 came early in the morning. It was surprising that everybody was ready to move and we set out6. We reached the zoo by 10 o’clock.

 It was two and half an hour journey. My father asked children what they would like to see first. All (in chorus) – the lions!Grandfather! Come   along7 then father called excitedly8. The cages were at one corner of the enclosed area. My son said, Ah! The lions are not in cages. All children   ran to see lions at the other side of their exercise ground. What a fine place they have got with sand and rocks, and a pool in the middle.  We found   a lion walking about9. What a fine mane10 he has got! And another lion was lying down near to the rock, having no mane. It was a lioness. Soon   after sometime the lioness started rolling in the warm sand. My son shouted, “See, there is a tiger in the cage over there11.” Tigers were kept   separately. Oh! What a beauty, my father uttered12. Another tiger was walking up and down a rock. It was feeding time and he was waiting   impatiently for the food. I saw a keeper coming with the great pieces of meat. First time I heard the tiger growling13. Everyone was frightened14. My father made everyone understand15 that the tiger can’t get at them. So need not to be afraid. After walking the distance16 we saw monkeys. My son started asking for some nuts17 from his grandfather to feed monkeys. But my father denied18 him to feed anything from outside. As the keeper was coming to feed monkeys, he saw my son arguing his grandfather to feed monkeys. The keeper allowed him to feed some nuts and alarmed19 him not to go near the cage, because monkeys sometimes play nasty20 tricks. But my son couldn’t control himself staying away21 from the cage and he went close to the cage. Oh father help, he shouted, “he has snatched22 away my cap.” My father scolded him and said now you’ve lost it. Soon we moved to see parrots and macaw.
 By now we were tired and felt ravenous23 too. We came to the other   side of the zoo where some other families were also taking rest and   having   meal. We also sat and opened the lunch boxes we had packed   in the morning. We chatted and enjoyed the lunch. Then we came   back   home. It   was really a great day.


 Sound sleep1 – lying fast asleep.

  Keep on2  continue to do something.

  Toss around3 – to change your position restlessly while lying in bed.                       

  Enthusiasm4 – a subject or activity that interests you very much.

  Cab5 – a taxi.

  Set out6 – to start a journey.

  Come along7 – to go somewhere with someone.

  Excited8 – feeling very happy and enthusiastic.

  Walking about9 – walk without any particular goal.

  Mane10 – the long hair growing on the back of or around the neck and neighboring parts of some animals, as the horse or lion.

  Over there11 – This word tells us about a location or goal. 

  Utter12 – speak or pronounce.

 Growl13 – to make a low, rough sound usually in anger.

  Frighten14 – to feel fear or worry.

  Make everyone understand15 – to force or manage someone to understand something

  Walk the distance16 – not very far or close enough to reach by walking.

  Denied18 – state that one refuses to admit the truth or existence of.

  Alarmed19 – worried or frightened by something.

  Nasty20– Unpleasant or annoying.

  Stay away21 – to avoid something.

  Snatch22 – steal something or kidnap someone by grabbing suddenly.

  Ravenous23 – extremely hungry.

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