Facing interview is an art

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How to make yourself to face interview   Knowledge acquired from books, newspapers and magazines is not enough to present in an interview. Interview is a verbal test to evaluate your qualities. It is a process which looks at how you react to various situations. The interviewer/interview board assesses candidate’s personality for psychological traits and sociological qualities before it comes to vital decision. An interview is formal meeting with a view to ascertaining one’s aptness for the job. It gives an opportunity to the interviewers to peep into his/her mind and understand his/her thought process. It’s a social process which involves interaction between the interviewers and the interviewee. In an interview a rapport is established between the interviewers and the interviewee. For purpose of recruitment of suitable candidates for various jobs – both in private and public sector organizations, an interview plays a very important role. The interviewers try to expose […]

Idioms and Phrases

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A visit to a zoo Last Sunday, I made a visit to a zoo with my family. Actually, we made a plan to go to zoo a day before Sunday. Everyone agreed and eagerly   started waiting for the Sunday especially children. They made many plans for the visit. On Saturday everyone went to bed early but my son   couldn’t have a sound sleep1. He kept on2 tossing around3 the bed because of more enthusiasm4 for Sunday visit. On Sunday   the cab5 came early in the morning. It was surprising that everybody was ready to move and we set out6. We reached the zoo by 10 o’clock.  It was two and half an hour journey. My father asked children what they would like to see first. All (in chorus) – the lions!Grandfather! Come   along7 then father called excitedly8. The cages were at one corner of the enclosed area. My son said, Ah! The lions are not in cages. All children   ran to see lions at the other side […]

alpedugrow online course

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alpedugrow online English speaking course is a course of two months. It completely covers all the aspects of spoken English. It is effective if one does this course positively with friends, relatives or making a group of online joined persons. If you give it a speaking practise and using all the terms of spoken English, provided in the day wise classes. i assure you, the day is not far away when you start speaking fluent English. I wish you all those who have joined these classes the best.