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For Demo classes email is  and password is tryit . Join online English course, valuable classes hold water. Click here for joining the course.

Hi everyone, let's work on W and V letter words exercises to get the right way to pronounce the words.Read more... 


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Welcome to Ankur Sharma’s online course. My goal is to help you learn English better and communicate articulately.


Hi, I’m so happy you’re here! You are ready to improve your English. I’ve made this course for you to become a better English speaker. I’ve come to know from so many English learners who are frustrated with their present level of English. And many more having some personal problems like hesitation, nervousness, lack of confidence and persistence.

This master plan will make you proficient in English language but there’s always a question that haunts my mind. “Why should you listen to me?” These lessons will help you communicate effectively in everyday life. In these lessons I have tried to help you use sentences commonly used in English communication. 


This plan will change the way you learn and study English. Whatever your purpose is, the master plan will help you reach your goal.


Mostly English learners try to learn every English word they see or hear. If you do the  same this is waste of time. There are one million words in the English language. You  cannot learn all of them. Even no native speaker knows all of them. Don’t waste your  time in learning and memorizing words that you are never going to use. Learn the  vocabulary that is the most important and commonly used in English. It’s easier to  remember common words because you read and hear them again and again. Your listening skill will improve if you focus on learning the right words. It will also help you express your feelings and thoughts. 


Pronunciation is the backbone of speech. If it is put in the wrong gear from the very outset, you will be side tracked.

To get fluency and the right way to pronounce words, you need to watch English videos.


I’ve heard the same thing from many, many students: “grammar and tenses are not required for speaking English.” I want to tell them  that grammar and tenses explain how words are organized into sentences. It’s very important to understand the formation English  sentences. You can’t directly translate from your mother tongue into English.


Note: For the beginners I want to say, keep your grammar text book away for a week and try to speak with  following rules just to train your tongue feel comfortable with English language. I would appreciate if you share  your problems with me.

Online Spoken English Course

This online course will help you overcome grammar, tenses, pronuciation and speaking English problems. Are you ready to join this course and want to learn English language?

Don’t panic/ discouraged. Be excited!

For Demo classes email is and password is tryit. Join online English course, valuable classes hold water. Click here for joining the course.


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“Always turn a negative situation into a positive situation.”

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